"When should I use MDLIVE?"


A valuable telehealth benefit for families

MDLIVE is the leading telehealth network of more than 1,800 providers and 4,000+ licenses that provides medical and mental health services in all 50 states and territories. beneMe partnered with MDLIVE to bring you this exclusive and affordable package that is typically offered through employers.


Top 5 times to use telehealth

Telehealth is a priceless asset to employees that gives members peace of mind. Some of the best times to use MDLIVE are:

  • When the regular doctor's office is closed
  • Not living close to an urgent care center
  • When far away from home or on vacation
  • Not being able to afford time off work
  • When children are unexpectedly sick and need fast care

MDLIVE is helping change the face of health care and medicine.

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