Doctor shortage in Rural America?

Access to Healthcare is Diminishing in Rural Areas 

About 60 million people that live in rural areas have fewer access to health care than those living in urban areas. In fact, there are only 40 physicians for every 100,000 rural people compared to the 53 physicians for every 100,000 urban people. Read the full article here.

How is MDLIVE helping our rural communities and people?


24/7 On-Demand Doctor Access

Telemedicine can reduce operating costs to small town health care facilities by providing them with access to specialized staff and technology. MDLIVE allows members to visit next available or schedule a preferred doctor consultation and diagnosis from the comfort of their home. There is $0 CO-PAY with MDLIVE Prime!


MDLIVE houses the largest telehealth network

Truth is, so few doctors are willing to work in remote areas. Others feel that they fall behind on latest technological and medical advances if not within reach of a major city. MDLIVE keeps 1,800 board-certified doctors in connection with any part of the country!

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